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REDCap is a secure, web-based application that facilitates data collection for research and operational purposes. The software is HIPAA compliant, and the data collected is stored on a secure server at FSU. The added security of FSU servers makes this software ideal for use for projects that include protected health information (PHI) or other sensitive information.

Mark Peedin
FSU REDCap Administrator


If you would like to request assistance with your REDCap project, please submit a ticket.

For general questions, please contact the REDCap Administrator at redcap@fsu.edu.

Upcoming Training Opportunities

June FSU REDCap Consortium Lunch, Learn & Share

Registration is now open for this month's virtual interactive REDCap Lunch, Learn & Share session on June 25th at noon. The purpose of this monthly series is to bring FSU REDCap users together to learn what’s new, how others are using REDCap, answer general project questions and provide examples of best practices. We are delighted to have guest speakers at each virtual meeting to present their project and use cases of REDCap.

We are delighted to welcome back McDaniel, MPH, who will demonstrate using calculated fields in REDCap for study recruitment at this session!


June REDCap Fundamentals Training Session 

Registration is now open for this month’s virtual interactive REDCap Fundamentals training session on June 26th, from 2-4 pm EDT.  The training is presented by the FSU CTSA Network for Clinical Research, Training & Community Engagement. Content is aimed at new users with no previous experience.  


FSU REDCap Consortium

FSU REDCap Bulletin Board


Lunch, Learn & Share Archive

  • April 2024- REDCap updates, and presentation on REDCap Multi-Language Management feature by Dr. Jessica Bahorski.
  • March 2024- REDCap updates, and presentation of REDCap as a Query and Notification System by Jacob Stocks featuring date formating action tags, creative use of alerts and notifications, Hide Submit Action Tags external module, and enhanced survey appearance.
  • February 2024-   FSU REDCap Bulletin Board is LIVE! Update to version 14, Presentation of FSU CE database project and Lookup Assistant External Module by Meaghan Sapp and Katie McDaniel
  • January 2024- Announcement of FSU REDCap Bulletin Board, Presentation of CTSA Ticketing System Project by Nissa Askins

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