NIH All of Us Researcher Workbench

The NIH All of Us Research Program is collecting health data from a million people across the US in an effort to build one of the most diverse health databases in history. Researchers can use the data to learn how biology, lifestyle, and environment affect health, which can inform new treatments and ways to prevent a variety of diseases. Current data include EHR (224,000 and counting), participant surveys (188,000 and counting), and physical measurements (127,000 and counting), and future data will include biosamples and information from mobile and wearable technologies. For more information about the NIH All of Us Research Program, please visit, particularly the Opportunities for Researchers page, and / or review the American Medical Informatics Association 2020 presentation of the Research Workbench.

Because of a new Data Use Agreement between FSU and the NIH All of Us Research Program, all FSU researchers can apply for Researcher Workbench access. Register as a researcher by creating an account at You will receive an email with further instructions once you have completed your researcher profile. In addition to creating a Workbench account, all researchers must have an eRA Commons account before they can access the Workbench. If you do not have an eRA Commons account, please work with your grants and contracts office to set one up. For more information about eRA Commons, please visit

Last Updated: Thursday, December 17, 2020 at 12:13 PM