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About Us

NCRT-CE provides services to the FSU College of Medicine and other CTSA supported colleges. The team collaborates with a range of partners, including partnering academic institutions, state and local governmental agencies, health care providers, community groups, nonprofit organizations and advocacy groups. Located within the FSU College of Medicine, the NCRT-CE has successfully collaborated on research projects across the state of Florida. The College’s community-based model of education provides an ideal foundation for the development of research collaborations across our regional campuses and rural programs. Over 2,500 clinical faculty represent FSU College of Medicine in a variety of settings, including private, group or hospital-based practices, providing diverse real-world settings to conduct health and clinical research.

Our team of experts will work with you to facilitate and guide your research planning and design to execute high quality, high impact clinical and translational research. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and are here to help you with any of your research needs and questions.

Our History

The Network for Clinical Research and Training (NCRT) was formally launched in the fall of 2010. Health IMPACTS for Florida (Integrating Medical Practice and Community-based Translational Science) was our initial community-based research effort that combined Florida State’s strength in a distributed medical education model with University of Florida’s expertise in clinical and translational research. With the addition of the University of Miami and multiple healthcare institutions across the state, Health IMPACTS for Florida became the OneFlorida Clinical Research Consortium, uniting researchers, clinicians, patients and other stakeholders to address the State’s biggest health challenges. In 2022, with FSU and UF’s strong commitment to community engagement, NCRT expanded services to include support for community-engaged research, becoming the NCRT-CE.

Our Values

Serving diverse, rural and underserved populations

Ethical and responsible conduct of research

Relationship-driven, respectful research culture

Vision and innovation

Intellectual pursuit

Collaborative partnerships

Excellence and quality improvement

Meet the Team

Ursula Keller Weiss, Ph.D.

Director, Network for Clinical Research,
Training and Community Engagement

Terra Bradley Ph.D.

Assistant Dean for Research Administration


Mark Peedin

FSU REDCap Administrator


Jessica De Leon, Ph.D.

Associate in Research

Nissa Askins, MPH, CCRP

Clinical Research Consultant

Katie McDaniel, MPH

Clinical Research Consultant


Meaghan Sapp, MPH

Research Community Health Worker


Erik Rawls, Ph.D.

Research Community Health Worker


Kimberly Mattox, MS

Clinical Research Consultant

Now Hiring

Research Community Health Worker



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