Adolescents & Young Adults

fMRI Studies of Working Memory and Cognitive Control

PI: Derek Nee, PhD

This study investigates how people retain information in mind when it is no longer available to the senses, and uses the retained information to guide behavior.

Who Can Participate:

We are looking for participants who:

    • Are between the ages of 18 and 30 years old
    • Are right-handed
    • Are native English speakers or fluent in English by the age 6
    • Do not have any neurological disorders


  • 1-2 hours


  • $15/hour

Primary Contact: Jourdan Pouliot;

Study Information Flyer

The Increasing Mindfulness Engagement (TIME) Study for Black Undergraduate College Students who Drink Alcohol

PI: Laura Reid Marks, PhD

The purpose of this study is to explore ways in which to improve Black undergraduate college students' who drink alcohol engagement in mindfulness through a mobile health (MHealth) application that can be accessed on any smartphone.

Who Can Participate:

  • You are eligible to participate if you are a currently enrolled undergraduate student at a predominantly white institution between 18 and 25 years old who identifies as Black and drinks alcohol.


  • Your involvement in the study is expected to last 5-10 minutes for the survey and up to 90 minutes if you are selected to participate in an individual interview or focus group.


  • You could win a $15 Amazon gift card for completing a brief survey; If selected for a 90 minute Zoom interview or focus group, you will receive a $30 Amazon gift card.

Primary Contact: Laura Reid Marks, PhD;; 850-629-9787

Study Information Flyer

SHARE Program: Innovations in Translational Behavioral Science to Improve Self-Management of HIV and Alcohol Reaching Emerging Adults

MPIs: Sylvie Naar, PhD, and Karen MacDonell, PhD

The SHARE program is a National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) funded (Award # 1P01AA029547-02) innovation in translational behavioral science to explore and address overlaps of self-management of HIV and alcohol in emerging adults through a Florida-wide initiative. With the help of stakeholders' and youth-led input through connections across Florida, the SHARE program will allow young adults to be heard and studied to better understand the effects of alcohol on young people living with HIV. This project consists of three studies: Project Define, Project Engage, and Project Sustain. Define and Engage are actively recruiting and Sustain will begin in fall of 2024. Participants are assigned to either Define or Engage after eligibility screening.

Who Can Participate:

  • Emerging adults aged 18-29 who reside in Florida, are HIV+, have had at least 1 alcoholic beverage in the last 30 days, are able to read and understand English, have internet access, and are not pregnant or trying to become pregnant.


  • For Project Engage, the duration is 1 month. For Project Define, the duration is 9 months.


  • All study activities take place online.


  • Maximum compensation for Define is $155, and up to 42 participants may be selected for a focus group, for an additional $35. Maximum compensation for Engage is $140.

Primary Contact: SHARE Program Community  Engagement Core; 850-644-7726

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