Team Science

A recent shift to teamwork in science is seen in all fields (Wuchty, Jones & Uzz, 2007).  This series is designed to build the knowledge base for effective team science. Scholars will gain understanding of teaming in research and identify ways to improve how scientists interact and integrate across disciplinary, professional, and institutional boundaries.

CTSA Team Science Spring 2022 Faculty Workshop Mini-Series

Join us for a three-part workshop mini-series designed to build the knowledge base for effective team science. Mondays, 12:00-1:30 p.m. via Zoom.

March 21 -- Introduction to Team Science: Rationale and Core Constructs

March 28 -- Team Assembly, Communication, and Psychological Safety

April 4 -- Collaboration Plans and Authorship Agreements

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Lead by Carla Wood, PhD, Professor, FSU CTSA Team Science Lead

CTSA Team Science Self Study

Seven modules are available for self-study on Canvas.  The online modules can be completed in any order. A certificate of completion is provided upon successful completion of at least three modules. To register and initiate enrollment, email your FSU username to Carla Wood at Additional continuing education opportunities will be forthcoming.


Wuchty, S., Jones, B. F., & Uzzi, B. (2007). The increasing dominance of teams in production of knowledgeScience316(5827), 1036-1039.

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