Community Engagement 

Dr. JoedreckaBrown Speights working with a patient in Gadsden County
Dr. JoedreckaBrown Speights working with a patient in Gadsden County


  • Imbue principles of community engagement to make research a shared value
  • Strengthen stakeholder integration and partnerships to create healthy communities and measure health outcomes
  • Expand contributions to the science of community engagement locally, regionally, and nationally that is informed by and with the entire spectrum of community stakeholders

Research Foci

  • Maternal and child health
  • Maternal mental health
  • Cardiovascular disease

Community Engagement Team Leads: Ursula Keller Weiss, PhD and Jessica De Leon, PhD, Faculty, College of Medicine

Community Engagement Team Members

Jodrecka Brown Speights, MD, Chair, Department of Family Medicine and Rural Health, College of Medicine

Heather Flynn, PhD, Professor and Vice Chair, Department of Behavioral Sciences and Social Medicine, College of Medicine

John Mathias, PhD, Assistant Professor, College of Social Work

Penny Ralston, PhD, Professor, Dean Emeritus, Director of the Center on Better Health & Life for Underserved Populations, College of Human Sciences

Community Advisory Board Members

Miaisha Mitchell, Greater Frenchtown Revitalization Council

Reverend Roosevelt N. Rogers III, Pastor, Old Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church, Havana

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