KL2 and CTSA Scholar Awards 2023-2024

The KL2 and CTSA Scholar program offers emerging investigators a Mentored Career Development Award with two years of support for a research study and training to develop the skills necessary for a successful clinical and translational research career. Mentored Career Development Awards at FSU provide up to 75 percent protected time for research, $20,000 per year for research-related activities, and $2,500 per year for conference travel. 


2024-2026 FSU CTSA Scholar Career Development Award

Kyle Smith, PhD, RD was awarded the FSU CTSA Scholar Career Development Award for his project titled "Evaluating a Time-Efficient Breathing Intervention to Improve Immune Function and Psychological Well-Being in Individuals Living With Obesity." Dr. Smith is an Assistant Professor in the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences and operates an immunology laboratory within the Institute of Sports Sciences and Medicine. His research focuses on the role that lifestyle modification plays in modulating immune cell function in an effort to improve the health of the general population, cancer patients, and elite operators. This Career Development Award supports his investigation to determine whether reductions in both psychological and physiological stress can enhance immune function in obesity to improve overall health and reduce circulating inflammatory factors. Funding for this Career Development Award was provided by the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences.


2023-2025 CTSA NIH KL2 Career Development Award

Kristy Anderson, PhD, was awarded the UF/FSU CTSI NIH KL2 Multidisciplinary Program Career Development Award for her project titled, “A preliminary feasibility study of an online social-needs screener and referral tool for underserved households of children with autism.” Dr. Anderson is an Assistant Professor in the College of Social Work, where her work focuses on the processes by which poverty and its cofactors impact children and adults with autism and their families. This KL2 project will develop and test the feasibility of an online social needs screening and referral tool for underserved families of children with autism. The program will be part of a larger technology-supported intervention for babies with early signs of autism, called Baby Navigator.


2023-2025 FSU CTSA Scholar Career Development Award

Jessica Bahorski, PhD, APRN was awarded the FSU CTSA Scholar Career Development Award for her proposal entitled “A Multiphase Project to Improve Use of Responsive Infant Feeding Among Vulnerable Mother-Infant Dyads.” Dr. Bahorski is an Assistant Professor in the College of Nursing. Prior to starting at FSU, she worked as a pediatric nurse practitioner in a variety of healthcare settings. Dr. Bahorski’s research program studies the developmental origins of childhood obesity with a particular focus on infant feeding practices and infant weight gain. The proposed project aims to refine the responsive infant feeding intervention, Learning Early Infant Feeding Cues (LEIFc), to make it most feasible and acceptable to mother-infant dyads at high risk for poor health outcomes.


More Information

For more information about CTSA-sponsored Career Development Awards, please contact the K2R program Co-Directors, Dr. Sylvie Naar at sylvie.naar@med.fsu.edu and Dr. Henna Budhwani at hbudhwani@fsu.edu or our CTSA Project Manager, Jenn Gerson at jennifer.gerson@med.fsu.edu.



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